So, Shadow wanted me to tell you all that there’ll be some release delay and downtime due to real life. The new Aikawa is done-ish, but it won’t be out for a while, sorry!

EXCALIBUR! I want to do more hot Kodaka x Yukimura doujinshi, but I can’t find any, so you guys will have to settle with the HOT (yaoi?) Yukimura x Kodaka pic from the last episode, which I spent half an hour putting together by splicing three frames (it kept looking right until I exported, too). It’s still not perfect, but I’ve got things to do, sorry; maybe when I get my hands on the HD version…

I was going to make you guys some Destiny x Strike art, but that would be too terrifying.

xoxo, Cyatomorrow

Btw, this is in Rika’s mind, so it probably is Yaoi even if it’s not. *wink*

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  1. Does that mean Yukimaru is actually a girl? I’ve been afraid to find out. Suh . . . such a lot of trap stuff out there these days . . .
    *thousand-yard stare*

  2. but-but there’s actually a doujin…


  3. Congratulations! This is now haunting me! I am still looking at it. And Yukimura, Be without fail to Kodoka!

  4. “The new Aikawa is done-ish, but it won

  5. How long is ‘a while’ for the next Aikawa chapter?